Competence Building (KMB) project 2007 - 2011


The main objective of the project is:

To design the scientific foundation for a framework for efficient, market-based balancing of power systems that can be implemented in multinational (‘regional’ in the wording of the European Commission) power markets.

To support the main objective, the project has the following sub goals:

  • Identification of present balancing resources and estimation of balance costs in the Northern part of Europe.
  • Identification of the ‘solution space’: what goals would innovative balancing arrangements need to meet, what constraints (technical, economic, institutional or with respect to public policy) apply?
  • Analysis of alternative design frameworks for a multi control area balance market.
    Estimation of the balancing costs for different arrangements of a multi control area balancing market.
  • Policy advice: which institutional changes are necessary to realize such a market? Which decisions would need to be taken by whom? What additional information is necessary?


Contact persons: 

Project manager:

Ove S. Grande, SIntef Energy Research

PhD Supervisors:

Gerard Doorman, professor,

Rudi Hakvoort, professor,
Delft University of Technology