Technical University of Vienna
Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Engineering (Vienna)

The Research Platform on "Future Energy Technology" (about 50 scientific employees) unites three Research Groups on Zero Emission Technologies, Gasification and Gas Cleaning as well as on Synthetic Biofuels. During the last decade, several energy technology processes have been developed - starting from the idea via laboratory and pilot plants up to full scale demonstration units. The tools applied are of experimental and modelling nature. Vienna's special experience is with hot laboratory/pilot units in a scale of 100 kW and also with cold flow models of fluidized bed systems. During the recent years the research group has been involved in several European re-search projects in the field of fluidized bed systems for advanced fuel conversion technologies: GRACE (FP6), CCCC (RFCS), CLC GAS POWER (FP6), CACHET (FP6), RENEW (FP6), FLEXGAS (RFCS), BioSNG (FP6), AER GAS II (FP6), BiGPower (FP6), UNIQUE (FP7), INNOCUOUS (FP7), FECUNDUS (RFCS), ACCLAIM (RFCS).
The available hardware resources to be contributed comprise:

  • 120 kWth dual circulating fluidized bed pilot plant for chemical looping combustion/reforming of gaseous fuels
  • Fluid dynamic cold flow model of a dual circulating fluidized bed 10 MWth gaseous CLC demonstration plan 
  • Analytical equipment for measurement of concentration of gaseous species and sulphur components


Published July 4, 2013