Chalmers University of Technology
Project coordinator

Chalmers has worked with development of oxygen-carrier material and reactor systems for chemical-looping combustion (CLC) since 1998 and was first to successfully demonstrate this process in sustained operation in a 10 kW prototype unit for gaseous fuel.  Further, Chalmers is also first to demonstrate operation with solid and liquid fuels. Chalmers has four CLC units for gaseous/solid/liquid (G/S/L) fuels:  300 W (G/L), 10 kW (G/L), 10 kW (S) and 100 kW (S), that have totally been in operation with fuel for 2600 h, using 30 different oxygen carrier materials. This involves the first successful demonstration of chemical-looping combustion with oxygen carriers based on nickel, iron and manganese oxides, as well as natural minerals and combined oxides (e.g. CaMnO3), using natural gas, syngas, kerosene, bituminous coal and pet coke as fuels.  Further, Chalmers has investigated more than 400 different oxygen carrier materials in laboratory.  Chalmers has >200 publications on CLC, of which >100 in peer-reviewed journals and 10 PhD theses.


Published July 4, 2013