CO2 capture, transport, and storage (CCS) is a process where waste carbon dioxide (CO2) is captured from large industrial plants, transported in pipelines or ships, and deposited so it will not enter the atmosphere. EU energy and climate targets cannot be met cost-effectively without CCS.

How can NCCS help?

NCCS (Norwegian CCS Research Centre) is a Centre for Environment-Friendly Energy Research. NCCS aims to fast-track CCS by working closely with the industry on research that addresses major barriers in making CCS happen in Norway, Europe, and the world.


At TCCS-10 we got a hold of some of the worlds biggest experts on CCS.
Hear their opinions and ideas about the current progress of realising CCS globally.




Safety of CO2 storage

Storing CO2 is safe.
Find out more in this blog: The Safety of CO2 Storage