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In its National Transport Plan, the Norwegian government has a stated objective to deliver a transport system that is resource-efficient, easily accessible, safe and environmentally friendly. Information and communication technology represents an important means of achieving these goals.

Multimodal transport systems are complex, and optimal planning for resource efficiency and accessibility can only be achieved using automatic systems. SINTEF is developing automatic decision support systems and interoperable solutions for the transport of people and goods by road, sea, rail and air. Interoperability between stakeholders and systems involved in all means of transport is of major importance. SINTEF has developed ARTRANS – a framework designed for all means of transport.Safe technology is essential for the protection of people and critical infrastructure. SINTEF has research experience from the early 1970s in the field of safety assessments for signalling and interlocking systems in connection with rail transport in Scandinavia, and currently acts as a Notified Body on the interoperability of the trans-European high-speed rail system and other conventional rail networks.Air transport requires more efficient support systems, and SINTEF is a research partner in the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research programme (SESAR).

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