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The future of the textile and clothing industry in Western Europe will be more intelligent products with smart features.

HIP protector. Photo: SINTEF

In SmartWear teams SINTEF scientists work within ICT, materials science, physiology and product design interdisciplinary between their respective disciplines to develop products with new functionality and features.


What is Smart Wear?

SmartWear is intelligent textiles and clothing with built-in technology.

  • Clothing with integrated instrumentation, ie clothing with integrated sensors and communications equipment.
  • Clothing made of functional materials, ie clothing with materials that give the garments new properties at temperature changes or other changes in the environment that the user resides in.

Developments in electronics and ICT enables that functionality can be built into the fabric, and give clothing new functionality such as that the coating can send and receive data, and store and analyze and display information. Developments in materials- and nanotechnology opens new applications and products in this area.


Examples of application areas for SmartWear

  • Health Products; excl. physiological / medical monitoring of patients
  • Protective clothing for surgeons and other healthcare professionals
  • Sports and leisurewear
  • Personal protective equipment


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