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Along with the rest of SINTEF our institute aims to be acknowledged as a leading contract research organisation in Europe. We are strongly represented in the national research centers for environmentally friendly energy (FME) and for research-based Innovation (SFI). We have established three Gemini Centers in cooperation with NTNU in Trondheim and the University of Oslo. In addition, our institute has strategic initiatives in key market areas.

EU Research

We participate in the EU's research programs, both as coordinators and work package leaders.

  • MineHealth - Sustainability of miners well-being, health and work. Completed September 2013. Hilde Færevik
  • Trans-Fusimo
  • ManuSkills– Envisioning an advanced ICT-supported build-up of manufacturing skills for the Factories of the Future ManuSkills
  • ProaSense – The Proactive Sensing Enterprise (coordinator) Hans Yngvar Torvatn
  • EnRima – Energy Efficiency and Risk Management in Public Buildings. Adrian Tobias Werner
  • Refinement – Financing systems effects on the Quality of Mental health care in Europe Jorid Kalseth
  • FREVUE– Validating FReight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe
  • BOMA - Boat Management Carl Christian Røstad
  • Optirail – Development of a Smart Framework based on Knowledge to Support Infrastructure Maintenance Decisions in Railway Corridors Andreas Amdahl Seim
  • Project Integrate – Benchmarking Integrated Care for better Management of Chronic and Age-related Conditions in Europe Jorid Kalseth
  • Knowledge Transfer Metrics (member of European Commission's Expert Group on Knowledge Transfer Metrics) Håkon Finne
  • IIIOS – Marine Curie Tr (underleverandør for NTNU): Integrated interventional imaging operating system. Thomas Langø
      – Clinical Translation of Patient-Specific Planning and Conduction of FUS Treatment in Moving Organs.

Negotiation Thomas Langø


Completed projects

  • Promovax – Promote Vaccinations among Migrant Populations in Europe. Completed May 2013 Roland Mandal
  • INTeg- Risk – Early recognition, monitoring and integrated management of emerging new technology related risks. Completed May 2013 Knut Øien
  • 3Micron – Three modality contrast imaging using multi-functionalized microballoons. Completed April 2013 Rune Hansen
  • EQUITABLE – Enabling universal and equitable access to healthcare for vulnerable people in poor resource settings. Completed February 2013 Arne Henning Eide
  • NoTeRiFiGa - Novel Temperature Regulating Fibers and Garments. Completed December 2012. Hilde Færevik
  • Safe@Sea - Reduce the risk of injury in complex systems through advanced personal protective equipment.. Completed December 2012. Hilde Færevik
  • LCB Healthcare – Low Carbon Building Healthcare project. Completed 2012
  • InTime – (sub contractor to coordinator) Completed 2012
  • MOVE – Risikoanalyse (sub contractor to D' Completed 2012
  • Walqing – Work and Life Quality in New and Growing Jobs. Completed 2012 Hans Yngvar Torvatn
  • SME Support Albania – (CIP) Supporting SMEs to become more competitive in EU Market. Completed 2012
  • CityMobil – (FP6) Towards advanced road transport for the urban environment. Completed 2011
  • SECEP Management – Support to Enterprise Competitiveness and Export Promotion (Serbia). Completed 2011
  • VECTOR – (FP6) Versatile Endoscopic Capsule for gastrointestinal TumOr Recognition and therapy. Completed 2011 Thomas Langø
  • ERIP – (ikke rammeprogram) European Regions for Innovative Productivity. Completed 2011 Ottar Bakås
  • Rosatte – Road safety attributes exchange infrastructure in Europe. Completed 2010 Ola Martin Rennemo


FME, SFI and other research initiatives


Gemini Centres

The Gemini Centres form a model for strategic cooperation in which scientific groups with parallel interests coordinate their scientific efforts and jointly operate their resources.
Read more about the Gemini collaboration.


Strategic initiatives

Our institute is using strategic resources to interdisciplinary focus areas involving researchers from multiple departments and disciplines. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage the development of a marketing strategy and prepare project proposals.

  • Innovation in the health sector
  • Smart data collection in the transport sector
  • FME CenSes - Social Science Energy
  • International strategy
  • Medical action - (SINTEF strategic project)
  • New learning systems - simulation, training, learning
  • Oil drilling in the Arctic
  • Economics and modeling
  • Coordination Reform in Health Care
  • SFI Medical Imaging Laboratory
  • SFI Normann - Future Manufacturing Industry
  • Ambient Assisted Technology - (SINTEF strategic project)