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Sustainability Analysis

The ocean is Earth's largest ecosystem and home to 80% of all life. However, marine life is threatened by pollution, overfishing, loss of species diversity and climate change. That is why we work with sustainability analysis that give companies and authorities a better basis for decision-making and help them find the solutions that ensure sustainable management of the world's oceans.

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A healthy sea is a prerequisite for achieving most of the UN's sustainability goals, because without the sea, life on earth cannot exist as we know it today. It stabilises the climate, stores CO2, produces oxygen, provides food for both humans and animals, and is a great source of biodiversity.

We are dependent on the services that the sea provides to us, but the services that a healthy sea can provide are already in decline. Therefore, we must succeed in saving the sea if we are to succeed in creating a sustainable world. To save the sea, we must know how human activities both on land and at sea affect marine health and sustainability goals. Our sustainability analysis help decision-makers and companies find and develop solutions that are in line with sustainable management of the sea. Both in aquaculture, fisheries, ocean energy, co-existence between actors at sea, and land-based activities.

We develop quantitative and qualitative models and methods for assessing and analysing how sustainable technological, industrial, political and economic activities are. This is knowledge we must have before we start new activities and to improve existing activities. In this way, we help our customers assess which solutions are technologically and sustainably feasible, before too much time and money has been invested in implementing them. Good for companies and good for the sea.

If we are to continue to be able to enjoy the benefits the sea provides us and at the same time improve the health of the sea, we need good sustainability analysis.