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Nanotechnology and advanced materials will have a significant impact on solving the grand challenges of our global society and create new business opportunities for existing and new industries. SINTEF has the capability to assist your organization in developing new or improved products with strong competence within structural and functional materials and multi material combinations. Through combination with other relevant competencies in SINTEF we contribute to the development of sustainable value chains in context of a circular economy.

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Advanced materials characterization and modeling

Our ability to develop improved or new materials and processes relies to a large extent on the experimental and theoretical research tools that are available. These tools are necessary in order to describe and understand the relationship between the structure and composition of a material, its processing parameters and its properties. They are also often used to understand why materials degrade and/or fail in service.

Research Manager
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SINTEF offers expertise along the entire value chain from primary production to product development and performance. As a result of its low weight, outstanding corrosion properties and excellent mechanical properties, aluminium is one of the most important construction materials in the world.

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Production of Ferroalloys (i.e. Ferrosilicon/Silicon- and Ferromanganese) is a strong and significant land-based industry in Norway. The results from the cooperation between the industry and academia (SINTEF/NTNU) in Norway are basic knowledge regarding thermodynamics- and kinetic-data as well as reaction mechanisms within core processes and environmental issues.

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