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Operations research

Our goal is to provide actors in the private and public sector with the best tools and methods to make rational decisions.

Our main expertise is mathematical modelling of complex systems and the development of practical decision support tools, both for operational and strategical use. In these areas we are internationally recognized and have a good publication record as well as tools that are actively used by the industry. Typically, we develop decision support tools that are based on a value chain and portfolio perspective. These tools are used for investment, operation and localization analyses.

Employees in the Operations research group


Business economics

We use and develop quantitative methods and models to do economic analysis within a range of different sectors. The analyses is performed on different time horizons, from long-term investment analysis to short-term profitability analysis. We focus on...


In most situations, the modelled process will involve some uncertain parameters. This uncertainty has to be taken into account, to minimize the negative impacts it would otherwise had on the results. For this, we first have to model the uncertainty...


The goal of optimization is to improve processes, with respect to specified criteria. For this, we have to first create a mathematical model of the process, and then use special mathematical methods to find the optimal way to control the process.

Decision support systems

We have long experience in developing decision support systems for an optimal resource usage in industry and government administration. This can be decision support both on operational and on strategic level.

Data science

Data science tries to extract knowledge or insight from data, either structured or unstructured. Our expertise is to take this knowledge further into improved planning and decision making.

Research areas

Bio economy

Bio economy

Bio economics is concerned with the economics of producing and processing renewable biological land-based and marine resources, often in connection with a shift to (more) sustainable principles. We develop models for decision support for various bio...



The health care sector has great potential for improved utilization of already scarce resources, while facing ever increasing demand from a growing population. We contribute to improved quality and resource utilization through our expertise in...

Circular Economy Research

Circular Economy Research

A circular economy aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Our competence on optimization and decision support will contribute to realizing the potential in factories of the future characterized by cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things.