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Engineer and technician network

Engineer and technician network is a forum for sharing experiences and build interdepartmental collaboration between all engineers and technicians in SINTEF Industry.

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  • Easily accessible meeting place for all engineers and technicians in SINTEF Industry
  • Forum for sharing experiences and keeping up to date on professional topics
  • Build interdepartmental collaborations and strengthen the level of competence in SINTEF
  • Work towards the goal of becoming One SINTEF by utilizing existing resources in a better way

Lead by

  • Birgitte Vågenes, Polymer and composite materials, Oslo​
  • Jannicke Kvello, Batteries and Hydrogen technologies, Trondheim
Birgitte Vågenes and Jannicke Kvello
Network seminar

Engineers and technicians in SINTEF Industry

  • 80 people in approx. 22 groups
  • A few researchers participate – from groups that have and operate labs, but do not have engineers or technicians

Form of meeting

  • Started autumn 2020
  • 3-4 seminars on Teams per year
  • Physical seminar some years, last 2022

Focus areas

  • Inspire each other
  • Lab operations
  • Exchange of "Best practice"
  • Better interdepartmental collaboration


  • Handling of samples and customers´ properties
  • Lab net
  • “Leiested” (lab rent)
  • Waste management
  • Digitalization
  • Presentations of labour unions
  • Development of engineers and technicians
  • Safety in the lab
  • 5S 
  • Simpli