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Thin Film and Membrane Technology

Material synthesis and characterization play a key role in almost all applications in the field of energy and environmental technology. Our group has expertise related to CO2 capture, hydrogen production, high temperature fuel cell and electrolyser technologies, gas and effluent treatment and piezoelectric materials.

We offer research and development related to synthesis and applications of inorganic materials and ceramic processing. We operate in various research areas in cooperation with industry and different research communities.

Our competences:

  • Forming of ceramic materials (planar, tubular)
  • Synthesis of precursors for nanoparticles and thin films
  • Thin film (< 5μm) deposition of metals and oxides by physical and chemical methods in clean room
  • Thick film (> 5μm) deposition of oxides with controlled thickness and porosity
  • Atomic scale modelling: DFT
  • High temperature experiments (< 1100 °C) under various gases (H2, O2, CO, CO2, CH4, steam, H2S)
    • Impedance spectroscopy, conductivity
    • Flux measurements (O2, H2, CO2)
    • H2S experimental capability
  • XRD (thin film analysis and structure refinement)
  • Particle size distribution, zeta potential
  • Applying for and managing coordinated projects such as EU

Our products:

  • H2/O2 separation by ceramic membranes
  • CO2 separation by hybrid and dual phase membranes
  • H2 separation by alloy membranes
  • High temperature fuel cell and electrolyser and microtechnology
  • Electroceramic thin films: MEMS and sensors

Contact: Partow Pakdel Henriksen