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Sorbent Technologies

Separation technologies are central in many environmental, petrochemical, energy, pharmaceutical, mineral and metallurgic processes. In the department we intend to develop new and improve existing separation technologies by basic understanding of materials and their interaction with molecular species by utilizing competence ranging from atom scale modeling, via material synthesis and advanced characterization to the design and modeling of processes.

Our activities:

  • Synthesis, characterization and formulation of (new) sorbents in kilo-scale (metal oxides (MOs), metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), Zeotype, polymer based, etc.)
  • Formulation: extrusion, freeze granulation, pelletizing, granulation, misc.)
  • Measurement of sorption equilibrium (-70°C to 1200°C and up to 100 bar)
  • Measurement of sorption kinetics (ZLC, breakthrough)
  • Design of separation processes (PSA, TSA, MBTSA, ESA, SER, SEWGS, etc.)
  • gPROMS and COMSOL software licenses
  • Materials modeling & in situ characterization
  • Experience with several fluids
  • Gas mixtures (petrochemical, energy & fuels, incl. H2S, H2O, NOx, etc)
  • Liquid mixtures (pharmacy, metals, water

Contact: Richard Blom