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Process Intensification and Catalysis

The department of Process Intensification and Catalysis conduct research in catalysis, energy, environment and clean water. Our high throughput activity focus on application of Combinatorial and Parallel Approaches to accelerating the research and development process.

Our core competence:

  • Catalysis
    • Characterizatio (in situ analysis, spectroscopy, diffraction, surface)
    • Material development (Microporous materials, Metal-organic frameworks, Hydrotalcites, Oxides)
    • Upgrading of light hydrocarbons
    • Kinetics
    • Automation and programming
    • High Throughput Chemistry
    • Construction
    • Materials synthesis
    • Catalytic testing
  • Environment
    • NOx chemistry
    • Adsorption
  • Clean Water
    • Photo catalysis
    • Treatment of waste water
  • Energy
    • Biomass conversion (Hydrolysis, Pyrolysis)
    • Upgrade of oil and gas

Contact: Jasmina Hafizovic Cavka