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Polymer Particles and Surface Chemistry

We tailor-make material properties from single molecule level and all the way up to macroscopic functional materials.

Our competence is highly generic and can be applied to a wide spectrum of applications.We bring ideas to products by combining basic know-how and market experience.

Our competence:

  • Polymer particles
  • Encapsulation
  • Controlled release
  • Polymeric membranes
  • Surface modification and functionalization
  • Organic synthesis

Main markets:

  • Life science
    • Diagnostics and medicine;
    • Food and feed (including agriculture/adjuvants)
    • Fine- and specialty chemicals
    • Cosmetic
    • Biosensors
  • Oil and gas
    • Swellable polymer particles (viscosity enhancers, water blocking)
    • Development of new tracers and release systems for reservoir management
    • Sand stabilizers
    • Gas separation and CO2 capture with membranes
    • Liquid separation with membranes
    • Polymer-based systems for EOR

We use our generic competence in a wide variety of other markets, such as:
Separation technology, Clean water, Electric power cables and Functional coatings and paints 

Contact: Per Martin Stenstad