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Employees in SINTEF

Count: 2245

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Name Title Phone Email
Wagner, Nils Peter Wagner, Nils Peter Senior Research Scientist
Wahlberg, Toril Marie Wahlberg, Toril Marie Department Coordinator
Wakelin, Ross Francis Wakelin, Ross Francis Research Manager
Waldal, Kristian Waldal, Kristian Head of Business Intelligence
Walderhaug, Ståle Walderhaug, Ståle CEO
Walnum, Harald Taxt Walnum, Harald Taxt Research Scientist
Walstad, Siri Walstad, Siri Business Controller
Wan, Paul Kengfai Wan, Paul Kengfai Research Scientist
Wang, Liang Wang, Liang Research Scientist
Wang, Zhaohui Wang, Zhaohui Research Scientist
Wang-Naveen, Mala Wang-Naveen, Mala Communications Director
Wanvik, Hilde Wanvik, Hilde Department Coordinator
Ward, Gustav Ward, Gustav Laboratory Technician
Wardeberg, Mari Wardeberg, Mari Master of Science
Watn, Gry Watn, Gry HR and Administrative Consultant
Watson, Francesca Watson, Francesca Research Scientist
Watson, Haldis Bjerva Watson, Haldis Bjerva Department Coordinator
Weber, Florian Weber, Florian Post Doctorate Fellow
Weber, Kathrin Weber, Kathrin Research Manager
Ween, Ola Ween, Ola Senior Research Scientist
Wendling, Laura Wendling, Laura Senior Research Scientist
Wenner, Sigurd Wenner, Sigurd Research Scientist
Wennersberg, Lars Andreas Lien Wennersberg, Lars Andreas Lien Senior Research Scientist
Wentzel, Alexander Wentzel, Alexander Chief Scientist
Werner, Adrian Tobias Werner, Adrian Tobias Research Scientist
Westavik, Harry Westavik, Harry Research Manager
Westby, Lars Westby, Lars Senior Engineer
Westerlund, Björn Westerlund, Björn Department Coordinator
Widding, Gunn Jorun Widding, Gunn Jorun Executive Vice President, Organisation and Support Services
Widell, Kristina Norne Widell, Kristina Norne Senior Research Scientist
Wiebe, Kirsten Svenja Wiebe, Kirsten Svenja Senior Research Scientist
Wiggen, Even Wiggen, Even Engineer
Wiggen, Øystein Wiggen, Øystein Senior Research Scientist
Wiig, Merete Wiig, Merete Senior Engineer
Wiik, Jun Elin Wiik, Jun Elin Centre Director
Wiik, Marianne Rose Kjendseth Wiik, Marianne Rose Kjendseth Research Scientist
Wik, Elias Arne Wik, Elias Arne IT Coordinator
Wilhelmsen, Øivind Wilhelmsen, Øivind Senior Research Scientist
Wille, Egil Wille, Egil Research Scientist
Willert, Mira Elina Willert, Mira Elina Senior Project Manager
Williamson, Kari Williamson, Kari Senior Communication Adviser
Wilmann, Veronika Wilmann, Veronika Department Coordinator
Windfeldt, Magnus Kyrre Windfeldt, Magnus Kyrre Master of Science
Winge, Stig Winge, Stig Senior Research Scientist
Winter, Adrian Winter, Adrian Research Scientist
Wiseman, Samuel Michael Wiseman, Samuel Michael Research Scientist
Wittendorp, Paul Wittendorp, Paul Senior Process Scientist
Wittgens, Bernd Wittgens, Bernd Senior Business Developer
Wivestad, Viggo Tellefsen Wivestad, Viggo Tellefsen Research Scientist
Wold, Petter Edvard Wold, Petter Edvard Operations Coordinator
Wold, Sondre Wold, Sondre Senior Technician
Wolff, Robert Wolff, Robert Business Developer
Wolfgang, Ove Wolfgang, Ove Research Scientist
Woll, Johanne Marie Woll, Johanne Marie Project Coordinator
Wright, Daniel Nilsen Wright, Daniel Nilsen Senior Research Scientist
Wu, Jie Wu, Jie Senior Research Scientist
Wu, Ming Kang Wu, Ming Kang Senior Research Scientist
Wærnes, Aud Nina Wærnes, Aud Nina Senior Business Developer
Waagan, Tove Elisabeth Waagan, Tove Elisabeth Institute Coordinator
Wågbø, Ane Marit Wågbø, Ane Marit Master of Science
Wåge, Jan Wåge, Jan Attorney-at-Law
Wågø, Solvår Irene Wågø, Solvår Irene Research Manager
Waak, Michael Brandon Waak, Michael Brandon Research Scientist