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Material- and Structural Mechanics

Our distinct competence is the development of numerical models, software and experimental facilities. We have experience within the multi-scale characterization and modelling of diverse materials and production process and in the development of solution techniques. We have further competence and experience in the development of numerical simulations for solid-to-solid loads, non-solid loads and joining.

We have extensive experience in modelling and numerical simulations of extruded, rolled, and cast aluminium, cast magnesium, high-strength steel, concrete, aluminium foams, adhesives, and thermoplastics. We provide research and solutions at an international level due to our high level of competence and market experience in applications in alloy development for “advanced applications”, “integrated process- and product development”, and various lifetime, impact, crash, and penetration analyses.

Research Areas:

  • Material- and structural mechanics, SINTEF Mechanics of Materials
  • Production Processes
  • Joining and Joints
  • Solid-to-solid loading
  • Non-solid loading
  • Solution techniques

Our customers Relations:

  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufactering
  • Defense
  • Drilling
  • Tunneling

Contact: Odd-Geir Lademo