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Electrolysis and High Temperature Materials

Our main competence is molten salt chemistry, electrolysis technology, ionic liquids, refractories, carbon technology, and powder/minerals technology.

Our department takes part in developing the World’s best technology for producing primary aluminium. We cover most areas in the fields of development and choice of materials, measurements, testing and characterization related to electrowinning and electrorefining.

Our core competence:

  • Energy efficient electrolysis technology for Al, Ti, Mg, Fe, REM and Si
  • Recycling and electrorefining of critical materials (urban mining)
  • Electrochemical synthesis of nanostructures and thin films from ionic liquid
  • Carbon technology
  • Refractories and ceramics
  • Large scale liquid batteries
  • Process gas analysis
  • Failure analysis of industrial cells and furnaces
  • Modelling (FactSage, HSC, COMSOL Multiphysics)

Contact: Egil Skybakmoen