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Casting, Forming and Recycling

Environment, climate change and lack of resources are examples of major global challenges in the coming decades. Material technology is an important tool to solve these challenges, and in moving the industry from resource intensive to competence intensive. Metal casting, forming and recycling technologies are and will be among the most important contributors for a sustainable future, and we can contribute.

Core competence:

  • manufacturing processes;
    • casting technology
    • casting and forming metallurgy
    • forming and formability of metals
    • thermodynamics.
  • Metals;
    • steel
    • iron
    • copper
    • aluminum
    • magnesium
    • titanium

Our activities:

  • We conduct carefully controlled, documented and reproducible experiments related to metal casting, forming and recycling, in our well equipped laboratories
  • We apply physical metallurgy principles to characterize metals and alloys
  • We perform modeling of metal processing and microstructure evolution
  • We work mostly with aluminum alloys, copper alloys, cast iron and steel

Our customers:

  • Light metal industry
  • Foundries and metal forming industry
  • Ferro alloy industry
  • Iron- and steel industry

Contact: Morten Ingar Onsøien