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SINTEF Energy is looking for candidates with expertise and ambitions within the fields of bioenergy and energy efficiency

SINTEF Energy is looking for candidates with expertise and ambitions within the fields of bioenergy and energy efficiency

Do you want to join a world-leading research community?

We are looking for candidates with expertise and ambitions within the fields of bioenergy and energy efficiency.

The department of Thermal Energy at SINTEF Energy develops and carries out projects related to using, transporting and storing thermal energy – from industrial surplus heat to biomass and gas. An academic background in a relevant subject is a prerequisite.

We have a leading role in many international projects, and we develop technologies and solutions for the sustainable industries of the future. We research subject matters such as efficient energy use, energy storage, bioenergy and CCS. We lead HighEFF, the world's largest research centre in the field of energy efficiency in industrial processes (Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research – FME) and we are partners in such centres on bioenergy and CCS.

The cornerstone of our strategy is the interplay between laboratory experiments and mathematical models in thermal processes. We develop and build advanced experimental facilities used to generate data to develop and understand mathematical models, and to validate processes and components. We now have a need for more skilled employees with a good practical and theoretical understanding of the following areas:

Bioenergy, with background and experience in all or parts of the value chain, from biomass to heat, power, fuel and/or biocarbon.

Energy efficiency in industry, with a background in heating and cooling technologies, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, drying processes, heat pumping processes and systems, and energy analyses.

At SINTEF, you have the opportunity to develop your skills and realise your ambitions in many areas, both in terms of professional expertise, project management and middle management opportunities. The ability to be part of a team is important, since our projects usually require the combined efforts of several specialists. In addition to professional development, a position with us involves project management, project development and dissemination of results, as well as network building in industry and academia. Experience in project work and development in the industry is an asset.

We share facilities with NTNU, and work closely with them in many of our projects and in the laboratories.

We are looking for inquisitive minds with a drive to do research in one of our areas of focus, and with a relevant background at the master's or PhD level. Experience from the industry is an asset.

This is what we offer:

  • A world leading research community, with high societal impact.
  • Unique opportunities for professional and personal development in a research community where the majority of scientists have a doctorate.
  • Good management, and systematic development of leadership talents.
  • An inclusive work environment that values diversity.
  • A varied and flexible work schedule at one of Norway's most attractive workplaces (2021 ranking).
  • Competitive and contractual salary
  • Good pension and insurance benefits

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SINTEF Energy Research delivers research-based systems and services that generate value for our clients, both in Norway and worldwide. SINTEF Energy Research is part of the SINTEF Group, which is one of Europe's largest independent research centres. SINTEF is an independent and non-commercial organisation.
SINTEF Energi AS leverer forskningsbaserte løsninger og tjenester som skaper verdier hos kundene, både nasjonalt og internasjonalt. SINTEF Energi AS er en del av konsernet SINTEF. SINTEF er en uavhengig og allmennyttig forskningsstiftelse hvor ingen eiere kan ta ut utbytte. Økonomiske overskudd investeres i vitenskapelig utstyr og kompetanse.
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SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest research institutes, offering specialist multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of technology and the natural and social sciences. SINTEF is an independent foundation that since 1950 has generated innovation by means of research and development projects for the private and public sectors both in Norway and overseas.

SINTEF has 2,100 employees from 80 countries and an annual turnover of more than NOK three billion. SINTEF invests any profits into further research and innovation. 

Our vision: Technology for a better society.

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