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SINTEF Energy Research: Annual report 2016

SINTEF Energy Research: Annual report 2016

2016 was a good year for SINTEF Energy Research, and we are feeling the impact of the green transition

Inge R. Gran, President
Inge R. Gran, President

The green transition is beginning to make its mark. For our clients, it offers key commercial opportunities and challenges. SINTEF Energy Research aims to promote the acceleration of this transition, and generate new solutions in collaboration with our clients and research partners.

The Norwegian Centres for Environmentally-Friendly Energy Research (FME) are a key driving force behind the green transition. A major highlight for us and our research partners came on 26 May, when we were awarded coordinating responsibility for three new FME centres, and participation in three others.

These centres are important because they are long-term initiatives designed to ensure that we develop robust skills and expertise in fields that are crucial to Norway in its role as an energy nation. Together with our research partners throughout Norway and in Europe, we intend to use these eight-year initiatives to generate new research, innovations and jobs linked to tomorrow's energy systems. They will contribute towards a smart and knowledge-based green transition and generate technologies for a better society. This is a big responsibility.

Two of the FME centres, BIGCCS and Cedren, both launched in 2009, held their concluding conferences in 2016. BIGCCS and Cedren have conducted research into carbon management, and environmental design and renewable energy, respectively. In total, they have contributed to the education of an impressive number of students, the publication of several hundred scientific articles, and the development of many innovations. Furthermore, research results from the centres have been applied in the energy sector, and the centres have contributed to new research projects addressing new research challenges.

Finally, another highlight from 2016, was the project "Better Together", which aimed at further developing collaborative interaction between SINTEF and NTNU. The project was headed by Kari Melby, Pro-Rector for Research at NTNU, and myself. In 2016, we issued the final project report that presented a range of fields in which NTNU and SINTEF now intend to achieve even more productive collaboration. SINTEF Energy research turned 65 years in 2016. Much of the reason we are where we are today is the result of our collaboration with NTNU. Recently, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed NTNU as first among the universities in the world that collaborate with a single industrial sector partner. The partner was SINTEF. As much as 9.1 per cent of NTNU's research-related publications are issued in collaboration with SINTEF. Co-publication with NTNU is important to us, and for this reason it gives us even greater pleasure to see that in 2016 we set a new record for scientific publications.

You can read all about this and more in our Annual Report. Good reading!

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SINTEF Energy Research delivers research-based systems and services that generate value for our clients, both in Norway and worldwide. We are a part of the SINTEF Group, which is one of Europe's largest independent research centres. We are an independent and non-commercial organisation.

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SINTEF Energy Research has a significant research profile and is involved in six of the Research Council's research centers for environmentally friendly energy along with industry and research partners. The Institute has a strong position in the EU Research Framework Program with extensive activities in areas such as energy planning, energy efficiency, wind power, transport and storage of CO2, as well as technology for gas- and coal. The Institute's strong academic profile, which is created partly through the implementation of Parliament's climate agreement, placing the institute's research at the forefront of European energy research.

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