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Silicon wafer sawing

Silicon wafer sawing

To make solar cells, silicon is cut into ~ 140μm thin wafers using a multi wire saw

The wafering process is a critical point in the production of solar cells, where the loss of material can be up to 50 percent. Mechanical defects in the wafers can also result in breakage during the solar cell processing. Improvements in the sawing process can potentially have a great significance for the competitiveness of solar energy compared to other energy sources.

SINTEF has collaborated with slurry suppliers (Metallkraft/Saint-Gobain) and wafer manufacturers (REC and Norsun).

SINTEF has a full-scale multi wire saw and other supportive laboratory equipment. We provide expertise in:

  • Multi wire sawing of silicon with slurry
  • Multi wire sawing of silicon with diamond wire
  • Wafer surface analysis
  • Wafer Microscopy (infinite focus)
  • Tribological tests of abrasion
  • Breakage testing
  • Powder Analysis (for slurry)

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