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Offshore energy system

Offshore energy system

Offshore energy systems handle the production, transport, storage, conversion and use of energy offshore. At SINTE, we are researching technology for and the interaction between different energy carriers, such as electricity, hydrogen and natural gas. Our projects include offshore electrical infrastructure, and hydrogen production and storage. In a future offshore energy systems we can also develop clean hydrogen from natural gas and store the CO2 in a suitable form under the seabed.

SINTEF has world-leading research communities and well-equipped ECCSEL laboratories for carbon capture and storage (CCS). We also have strong research expertise within the liquefaction of hydrogen and CO2 for ship-based transport. Furthermore, we are also developing processes and components for processing and injecting hydrogen and CO2, as well as transporting these gases in pipelines over long distances.

In addition, SINTEF has expert research communities within subsea power supply that work together with our customers to develop secure, reliable and efficient solutions. We have cutting-edge laboratories, equipment and expertise for developing materials and components that can handle deep waters and extreme temperatures.

We have an extensive research portfolio within offshore wind power and energy system analyses, as well as solutions for reducing emissions from the Norwegian shelf. We research how the various energy solutions can be used together to create a flexible, cost effective and reliable offshore energy system.

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Dag Eirik Nordgård

Dag Eirik Nordgård

Research Director





Join the world's top researchers and innovators in deep sea offshore wind energy

TRONDHEIM, NORWAY – Meet and discuss with fellow experts and innovators at the special all-digital 2021 edition of the EERA DeepWind conference, January 13th to 15th. The event has moved global and online because of the current pandemic and the discussions promise to reach a new high with over 90 submissions received.

Norway launches major wind power research centre

December 11th – Today the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Tina Bru, announced an investment of 120 million NOK (11.3 million EUR) in a new wind power research centre in Norway. The NorthWind research centre will be at the cutting edge, working on innovations to make wind power cheaper, more efficient, and more sustainable. One of the centre’s main priorities will be offshore wind research.