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Cyber Security

More and more of our daily activities, whether at work, home, or out and about, rely on ICT and digital communications.

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  • Maria Bartnes

    Maria Bartnes

    Research Director Software Engineering, Safety and Security

We are constantly connected, directly or indirectly, to networks, systems and people. However, in this digital world we are not always immediately aware of who or what we are connected to, and are thus exposed to a high degree of digital vulnerability. This also applies to our energy, water supply and transport infrastructures, which are operated mainly using ICT.

Cyber security addresses the protection of people and systems from becoming the victims of intentional and accidental unwanted incidents. Such protection may involve anything from securing the privacy of individuals to maintaining stable and reliable electricity supplies.

Work on the technical, organisational and human aspects of cyber security will be of vital importance to system security and personal privacy.


Preparing ourselves for extreme events

Preparing ourselves for extreme events

As wildfires raged through the Swedish forests in 2018, a new set of European resilience management guidelines for dealing with crises was demonstrating its potential usefulness to decision-makers. Applying these recommendations can save many lives...


System Safety

System Safety

The railway sector is undergoing changes in the whole of Europe (EU, EER, Eastern Europe). The EU Commission is both a driving force and monitor, and its target is to increase the proportion of railway transport.

Information Security

Information security involves ensuring that information is only available to those who are authorized to see it (confidentiality), that the accuracy of data is maintained (integrity), and that IT systems and other facilities are present and usable...

System Safety Research

Forty percent of the System Safety group holds a PhD degree within telecommunications. Due to the educational background and long-time experience with safety assessment services within the railway and oil and gas sectors, the following research areas...


SINTEF and NTNU have developed a new method for agile programming named SafeScrum. The method will be further developed in the next years.