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SINTEF has broad competance and knowledge contributing to the development of the aviation industry.

We believe technology and digitalization will provide the aviation industry with great opportunities in the future: 

  • Could air traffic controllers manage more flights with the help of modern technology?
  • Could the pilots be able to plan flights with less turbulence?
  • Could citizens experience less noise from an increasing number of flights?
  • Could the future navigation and communication in the aviation domain happen almost without expensive ground installations?
  • Can the quality of the air in the cockpit and cabin be improved?
  • Can future flights reduce the environmental impact with the help of modern technology?
  • Can aviation safety and security gain on lessons learned from other domains?

As the largest independent cross domain research organisation in Scandinavia we are sure that the answer is yes to all the questions above – and we can help facilitating the solution together with you. Building on our experience and state of the art research both within the aviation domain and in other domains, such as space, oil and gas, railway, road.

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