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Resilience Engineering

Resilience Engineering

Our purpose is to reveal and enhance resilient performance of complex socio-technical systems and organizations. We are interested in collaborating with people and organizations that think differently and want to innovate to enhance resilience.

Within Resilience Engineering, resilience is more precisely defined as "the intrinsic ability of a system or organization to adjust its functioning prior to, during, or following changes, disturbances, and opportunities so that it can sustain required operations under both expected and unexpected conditions" (Hollnagel, 2014).

With more than 10 years' experience in this area, SINTEF has a firm grasp on Resilience Engineering (RE). We are bringing resilience into practice by co-creating solutions with end-users, researchers and practitioners in different critical infrastructures (e.g. aviation, health care, railway and petroleum industry). Through experimentation, prototyping and innovation management, we propose methods and strategies to operationalize resilience in the design, operation and management of complex socio-technical systems.

Resilience Engineering team across SINTEF:

Ivonne Andrade Herrera     
Tor Olav Grøtan
Matthieu Branlat
Irene Wærø


Projects addressing other forms of resilience:

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