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NCCS will help Norway meet its obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement.

Boy capturing CCS

Norwegian CCS Research Centre – Industry driven innovation for fast track CCS deployment

  • NCCS will ensure that Norway remains an international leader in CCS
  • NCCS will ensure that we have CO2 storage in the North Sea
  • NCCS will contribute to the government's ambition to realize a full-scale CCS chain by 2020
  • NCCS will exploit the potential of the ECCSEL infrastructure


The 10th Trondheim CCS Conference is an internationally leading CCS conference. It was held June 17-19 in Trondheim, Norway. At the Conference, international researchers, policy makers, industry and academia gathered to present and discuss the latest CCS research.


Budget (million NOK):

  • Industrial Financing 210
  • R & D partners 120
  • Research Council of Norway 240

SINTEF Energy will head the programme

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The scheme of the Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) seeks to develop expertise and promote innovation through focus on long-term research in selected areas of environment-friendly energy. There are today 11 centres within renewable energy, energy efficiency, social sciences and CO2-management. The research activity is carried out in close cooperation between prominent research communities and users. The centres will operate for eight years (2016 – 2024).

About the centres


Published 30 May 2016
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Project duration

2016 - 2024