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INS 2010 - Integrated Norwegian Sea Study

SINTEF Petroleum Research, AGR Petroleum Services, Fugro Geolab Nor and Geotrack International have completed a new regional integrated petroleum systems study that covers a large part of the Norwegian Sea (approx. 62° to 68° N). The study identifies key risk factors for exploration in the area by combining a comprehensive database with novel modelling techniques.

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Final results of the study are now available and can be immediately delivered.

The deliverables include the comprehensive input data base (depth maps, well- and geochemical data). In addition to this, clients are entitled to get a project workshop at their premises.


The work area covers the Norwegian Sea except for
Nordland VI and VII.


Depth maps for 18 horizons were used as
primary input to the study.


Key Factors

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  • AGR Petroleum Services
  • Fugro Geolab Nor
  • Geotrack


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