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National user-survey about out-patient mental health and substance abuse treatment

It is an important goal to establish coherent, safe, and predictable health care treatment. Real user participation is key. The care pathway system for mental health and substance abuse was introduced in January 2019, as a mean to achieve this. In this study, we ask adult patients in outpatient clinics about their experience of the treatment they are receiving or have recently received.

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The project will investigate outpatients' experiences related to central goals for the care pathway scheme: user participation and user satisfaction, better coherence and coordination, and safeguarding somatic health and lifestyle of the patients (in addition to mental health). The project will also examine the users' experience of continuity and participation in their care pathway over the past year, or longer.

In collaboration with Sentio, we will conduct a survey by electronic questionnaire aimed at all adult patients in the outpatient mental health and/or drug treatment in the last three months.

The project is based on results from SINTEF's evaluation of the care pathway-system within mental health and substance abuse. This evaluation is published in report 1 on professionals experiences in the first year, and in particular report 2, which contained a qualitative study of users' experiences.

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2021 - 2022

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