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NorPALabs - Norwegian P&A Laboratories

The Norwegian P&A Laboratories project will set up a full-range lab facilities for safe and cost-efficient plugging and abandonment of wells. The institutions SINTEF (project owner), NORCE, NTNU and UiS, together organised as Norwegian P&A Laboratories, will design and install the enhanced facilities over the period 2020-2023.

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P&A laboratory SINTEF
The fluid displacement and mud settlement facilities at SINTEF will be further equipped to investigate pipe pulling operations and mechanisms.


The motivation is to support the industry in obtaining quantum leaps with regards to operational efficiency and costs for permanent well plugging and abondonment.  We will allocate infrastructure for development and qualification of new innovative materials, conditions monitoring and well operations. To lower P&A costs and improve safety, there is a need to identify and understand fundamentalprinciples related to barriers and P&A operations.

Establishing lab infrastructure for accelerating P&A technology 

Controlled experiments at multitude of scales and process conditions are important to  gain confidence to field implementation of new and cost-efficient P&A  technology. Combining a range of lab scales lower costs and reduces time to field implementation. Well controlled  parameters at realistic process conditions and use of state-of-art instrumentation elevate the benefit of  the experiments. Variation of a multitude of parameters enables processes to be studied in a systematic way.

Norwegian P&A Laboratories infrastructure

Plug integrity set-up lab
Permanent well plugs performance will be addressed w.r.t. sealing ability at different differential  pressures and temperatures,  including diameter impact and shrinkage. The goal is to optimize barrier length and quality.

Contact: Nils Opedal,  +47 98 286 641

Logging&verification  lab
The medium scaled logging lab will allow both traditional and  experimental ultrasonic logging on short casing sections. The  extended ultrasonic characterization targets reducedcost and risk of leakage through the barrier.

Contact: Tonni Franke Johansen,  +47 40 472 793

Annular flow and pipe pull lab
The equipment will enable studies of tubular loosening by mechanical and chemical methods, targeting efficient operations for cutting and pulling of tubulars. Characterisation for weight material settling in mud will be included.

Contact: Jan David Ytrehus, +47 40 472 793

Pressure and leakage testing
The  facility will be used to verify and test that the sealant once in place provides a competent barrier that is robust under the actual well conditions for the time period required and the lifecycle loading exposure. 

Dave Gardner, , +47  404 60 090

P&A research well
A large-diameter well will be drilled and constructed at Ullrigg that will enable unprecedented testing and qualification of new P&A materials and technologies. The P&A research well will provide a full-scale, realistic well environment.

Contact: Jostein Sørbø,, +47 91 316 567


In 2019 The Research Council of Norway decided to support enhanced R&D infrastructure on plugging &abandonment of wells with a grant of 77 million NOK.


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Project duration

01/10/2019 - 30/06/2023

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