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AutoActive: Tools and Methods for Autonomous Analysis of Human Activities from Wearable Device Sensor Data

Photo: Trine Seeberg

An increasing number of sensors for measurements of human activities are now becoming commercially available, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS, pulse sensors, oxygen saturation sensors, as well as various medical sensors. In addition, sensor data collected from the surroundings can provide additional information about how we are doing. Until now, it has been difficult to combine all these different sensor data streams in an efficient way as the following example illustrates: If you run on a track, on a path or in a march has a lot to say when it comes to how tough it is to maintain a certain pace, but current sports watches, which measure GPS and pulse, do not manage to estimate the required effort correctly in variable conditions. If GPS, pulse and movement measurements are combined, it will be possible to obtain a more complete understanding of this case.

AutoActive's aim is to develop tools, methods and algorithms making it easier to carry out research in order to obtain information on human activities based on data from multiple sensors. The tools to be developed will support future research and development in a wide range of applications. In order to test and validate the developed tools, AutoActive will address two specific cases: One case will involve the analysis of performance and technique within sports, and one case is devoted to chronic disease management of patients with multiple sclerosis.

Project Partners

The project is led by SINTEF Digital Smart Sensor Systems, and involve in addition research partners from:


• Financed by Norwegian Research Council,  IKT Pluss programme.
• Total budget: 16 Mill NOK


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Norges skiløbere kører suverænt på avanceret sensor-teknologi, Ingeniøren, 2018. 02.20

Researchers are helping elite skiers to hone their performance, 2018.18.02, Gemini


Published 01 June 2018
Senior Research Scientist/PhD Fellow
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Project duration

2017 - 2021