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Process control

Process control

Petrochemical plants, power plants, offshore oil and gas facilities, paper mills are all examples of large industrial production plants. A common issue is to operate the plants with high throughput and with minimum use of energy and raw materials and low emissions. An example is to maximize the production from a set of oil wells or to maximize the amount of paper production for each unit of timber. This requires a well functioning control strategy and control system.

Main fields of competence:

  • Control algorithms – from conventional PID controllers to model based control
  • Mathematical modelling and analysis of dynamic systems
  • Optimizing Control and production planning
  • State- and parameter estimation
  • Simulators and decision support
  • Integrated control and process design – Plantwide control, operability, flexibility, regularity
  • System development for control systems and simulators
  • Specific process knowledge


  • Optimal operation and design of gas processing plants – Market focus on process control
  • Finding the best control structure - Plantwide control methodology
  • Can we make the plant simpler to control? – Integrated process- and control design
  • Combine simulation and risk analysis - FlareCheck computes the risk of critical overpressure in flare systems
  • How to get the best performance with your PID controllers - Tuning and verification
  • Control problem analysis an diagnosis – Control performance monitoring
  • Improved understanding of process behaviour through simulation - Development and use of simulator
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