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Oxyfuel processes

Oxyfuel processes

There are many good reasons for using pure oxygen in a combustion process. Oxygen can either be used in addition to air, as in so-called oxygen-enriched combustion, or it can replace air completely, as in so-called oxyfuel processes.

As part of an industrial process, the benefits include higher levels of thermal radiation, less gas volume, low NOx, higher temperatures and greater process efficiency. Oxyfuel combustion is also one of the best technologies for use in power-related and industrial processes involving carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Why choose SINTEF?

At SINTEF we have more than 15 years' experience in the study of both fundamental and applied applications for oxyfuel, such as in connection with gas turbines.

We have built up our expertise and an infrastructure designed to test the technology at industrially relevant scales. This includes a pressurised combustion rig (10 bar) and a plant to demonstrate an oxyfuel power cycle based on a 100 kWe gas turbine.

Another promising technology involving oxyfuel combustion is Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC), which has the potential for low efficiency penalty for CO2 capture.

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