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Marine Pollution

Environmental concerns are an ever increasingly important factor for industrial development nationally and internationally. SINTEF Ocean has a conceptual and scientific competence on environmental solutions for the international onshore and offshore industry. We have a special focus on oil & gas, chemical industries and clean water management.

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Cement factories can put the brakes on global plastic pollution

Cement factories can put the brakes on global plastic pollution

Researchers believe that plastic refuse can be used as fuel in cement factories in Asia. If this works, it may provide a solution to two of the planet’s biggest environmental problems – plastic in the oceans and high levels of coal consumption.

Preventing hurricanes using air bubbles

Preventing hurricanes using air bubbles

Many people have tried to find ways of preventing hurricanes before they make landfall, resulting in the loss of human lives. Norwegian researchers believe that the answer lies in cold bubbles.


OSCAR – Oil Spill Contingency and Response

OSCAR is a state of the art model and simulation tool for predicting the fates and effects of oil released during an accidental release of oil, either from a platform or a vessel. OSCAR provides insight in the behavior of oil during an accident and...

DREAM – Dose-related Risk and Effects Assessment Model

The numerical model DREAM (Dose related Risk and Effect Assessment Model) accounts for releases of complex mixtures of chemicals, such as those associated with produced water and drilling discharges. DREAM is used as a decision support tool for...