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Plastic in the Ocean

Challenges related to marine littering and pollution must be solved to realize the sustainable bio-marine growth needed for the future. One of the major challenges is the increasing amounts of plastic found in the World’s oceans.

Removing plastic from oceans

What is microplastic?

Microplastic is plastic fragments smaller than 5 millimeters (5 mm) in size. It originates either from products containing purposely manufactured microplastic, such as some facial scrubs and toothpastes, or from the breakdown of larger plastic pieces. Microplastics are found throughout the World's oceans where they can potentially harm marine life. In addition, microplastic may serve as carrier of other pollutants and thereby contribute to increased adverse effects on marine life.

What is SINTEF doing?

SINTEF is working to increase knowledge about and prevent the spreading and environmental consequences of microplastic in the World's oceans.

Our projects on microplastics