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Emerging Pollutants

A wide range of anthropogenic chemicals are released to the oceans. However, only a few of these are routinely monitored and regulated by authorities. SINTEF aims to identify and evaluate the environmental fate and effects of previously less or unstudied compounds.

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Emerging pollutants of particular concern include drugs of abuse, pharmaceuticals, fragrances added to personal care products, plant protection products (including fungicides and herbicides), biocides, plasticisers, flame retardants, perfluoroalkylated substances, algal toxins, by-products from disinfection processes, anti-microbial agents, food additives, consumer product additives, surfactants, and various compounds with industrial applications.

SINTEF has the infrastructure available to study the distribution, degradation and toxicity of compounds in systems simulating the ocean at a variety of latitudes. Our expertise can contribute to increased understanding of the risk related to the occurrence emerging pollutants in the ocean.