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Offshore Structures

Offshore Structures

Vice President Research
+47 412 11 815

The Offshore Structures group has long experience and internationally recognised expertise in both theoretical and experimental hydrodynamics. Much of our activity is based on MARINTEK’s hydrodynamic laboratories, but we also possess world-leading expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and numerical hydrodynamics.

Photo of offshore aquaculture cage model

Our projects increasingly involve combinations of experimental approaches, CFD and rational design methods for fixed and floating structures.

Our area of activity occupies a leading position in research on extreme and non-linear hydrodynamic loads and responses (slamming, green seas, air-gaps and ringing). We develop state-of-the-art software for analyses of complex hydrodynamic effects such as roll-damping, moonpool dynamics and wave-current interactions.

This group's most important client is Statoil, but we also maintain extensive contacts with major international oil companies such as Total, ENI, Shell and ExxonMobil. Leading companies in the supply industry, including Aker/Kvaerner, NOV/APL, Teekay, Sevan, Technip, Saipem and FMC, are also among our clients.