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One of the first models to be tested in the Ship Model Tank was a model of the famous Viking ship known as "Gokstad" (from year 970 A.D.). Since 1939 more than 3000 ship models and 1250 propellers have been built and tested in MARINTEK's laboratories.

Several new laboratories has been developed at Tyholt throughout the decades, and since the 1930's, demanding customers from all around the world have visited Tyholt in order to carry out research and development of ocean space technology.
It was no coincidence that the national infrastructure for marine technology was established in Trondheim in Central Norway. Trondheim is known as the Technology and Knowledge capital of Norway.This is illustrated by the fact that three major knowledge anniversaries took place in Trondheim in 2010: NTNU 100 years, SINTEF 60 years and The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters 250 years.

NTNU (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology) is Norway's primary institution for education of future engineers and scientists. Its forerunner, The Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) was established in Trondheim in 1910. MARINTEK is located together with NTNU Department of Marine Technology at the Marine Technology Centre in Trondheim, and there is close cooperation between NTNU and MARINTEK, with the aim to maintain international excellence together.
SINTEF (The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research) was established in 1950 by NTH, to encourage technological and industrially oriented research and meet the need for research and development in the public and private sectors.
The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (DKNVS) was founded in 1760 by bishop Johan Ernst Gunnerus who became Norway's first internationally acclaimed naturalist. DKNVS is the oldest scientific academy in Norway, and among the oldest academies in the world. Read more here

Milestones in MARINTEK history

1913: Launch of initiative to build a Norwegian ship model tank
1939: Official opening of the Ship Model Tank in Trondheim, Norway
(September 1, 1939)
1951: The Ship Research Institute (SFI) established in Trondheim
1952: Regional SFI office opened in Oslo
1967: Inauguration of the Cavitation Laboratory (May 31, 1967)
1972: Merger of the Ship Model Tank and SFI under the name of The Ship Research Institute of Norway (NSFI)
1977: NSFI moves to the new Marine Technology Centre at Tyholt in Trondheim
1979: The Ship Model Tank lengthened by 85 metres in spring 1979; new overall length of 260 metres
1981 Ocean Basin Laboratory completed in autumn 1981 (Official inauguratjion August 20, 1981)
1984: Name changed on December 6 to Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK), which becomes a company in the SINTEF Group.
1999: SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture is established
2008: Launch of idea to Ocean Space Centre
2009: SINTEF North in Tromsø is established
2009: SeaLab is opened
2016: SINTEF Ã…lesund is established
2017: SINTEF Ocean is established. A merger between SINTEF MARINTEK, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture and one department from SINTEF Materials and Chemestry.