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Marin and maritime

Marin and maritime

The marine and maritime sector is one of Norway’s oldest and largest. It has enjoyed continuous growth for centuries and is expected to continue doing so in line with increasing global demand for marine resources and maritime transport systems.

Recognition of the significance of this demand is shared by most of Europe and the rest of the world. There is a major demand for research and development within SINTEF ICT’s technology fields linked to this sector, ranging from systems to promote more efficient and sustainable operation within the fisheries, aquaculture and marine transport industries, to increasing exploration activity for new biological and mineral resources in the Arctic. SINTEF ICT is carrying out research for both the service industry and end users. Many of their needs and relevant fields of technology are shared with the oil and gas industry, which is sometimes included in this sector. Our projects range from fundamental research financed by Norwegian and European research funding agencies, to prototype and product development carried out in co-operation with industry.

  • Sensor technology
  • Communication and navigation technology
  • Environmental modelling and data assimilation
  • Information systems

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