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Societal mission and vision

SINTEF develops society through research and innovation.

  • We create value and develop solutions to challenges faced by society.
  • We actively and boldly communicate our knowledge, solutions and recommendations.

Our vision:

'Technology for a better society'


In order to carry out our societal mission and meet our customers' needs, we make use of the best skills and expertise available within SINTEF.

  • SINTEF operates with a diverse and multidisciplinary focus throughout the organisation. We encourage collaboration and intra-organisational mobility.
  • We share knowledge, networks and best practice.
  • We have a clear and consistent identity.
  • SINTEF is organised to enable effective collaboration and optimal use of resources.

We adhere to our fundamental values and operate with a culture characterised by trust and commitment to our common objectives and strategies.

Main goal and strategic focus areas

SINTEF shall be a world-leading research institute.

We develop solutions to some of society's grand challenges by being at the forefront of our strategic focus areas:

  • Renewable energy, climate- and environmental technology
  • Oil and gas
  • Ocean space technology
  • Health and welfare
  • Enabling technologies

SINTEF's role and characteristics

SINTEF's role:

  • Deliver innovation by developing knowledge and technologies that are applied and brought into practical use.
  • Perform contract R&D as a partner for the private and public sectors.
  • Build and operate research laboratories.
  • Deliver solutions that promote sustainable development.
  • Create new businesses.
  • Provide knowledge and premises for public debate and policy development.

Our characteristics:

  • SINTEF is an independent, not-for-profit research institute.
  • We operate in partnership with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and work closely with universities, private- and public authorities.
  • We offer our customers the best solutions through active collaboration and broad multidisciplinary expertise.
  • We bridge the research and corporate cultures, and carry out our projects in a professional manner.
  • Our financial profits are invested in knowledge, laboratories and other research-related infrastructure.

Ethics, values and leadership

SINTEF operates on the basis of a clear ethical platform. Our activities are based on sound codes of research, business and interpersonal ethics.

Our values

  • Honesty
  • Generosity
  • Courage
  • Solidarity

Managers at SINTEF shall be distinct, inspiring and inclusive. Leadership is conducted in compliance with SINTEF's leadership principles.

Customers, science and people


SINTEF contributes to innovation, value creation and increased competitiveness within the private and public sectors.

  • We deliver solutions and generate new business opportunities.
  • Our customers shall experience active and sound dialogue during their collaborations with SINTEF.
  • We work actively with public authorities and world-leading knowledge communities to achieve the best results for our customers.
  • We develop projects that generate public co-funding to help our customers.
  • We utilise relevant expertise from the whole of SINTEF in order to meet our customers' requirements.
  • We safeguard our customers' intellectual property rights in a professional manner.


SINTEF delivers high-quality science and is internationally leading in selected areas.

  • Our research is recognised for its excellence and relevance.
  • We develop knowledge and technology in close collaboration with world-leading research partners and the private and public sectors.
  • We develop and demonstrate our scientific quality by participating in challenging research programmes. EU research programmes have first priority in SINTEF's international activities.
  • We build and operate research infrastructure which is linked to leading international networks.
  • We publish on a level comparable to other leading applied research institutes.


SINTEF is an attractive place to work, offering unique opportunities for people with the ability and drive to develop their potential.

In order to carry out our societal mission we need highly qualified and competent personnel from all over the world with the ability to make a difference. It is important to have diversity and a healthy gender balance.

SINTEF offers

  • A large, multidisciplinary and international research community.
  • A healthy working environment and an atmosphere of trust, freedom and responsibility.
  • Distinct, inspiring and inclusive management.
  • Challenging projects and excellent opportunities for professional and personal development.
  • The opportunity to create value and deliver solutions to challenges facing by society, in close collaboration with our customers.

SINTEF expects

  • Initiative, enthusiastic commitment and good collaborative skills in interaction with colleagues and customers.
  • A good understanding of SINTEF's activities and an active contribution to operational efficiency.
  • Continuous development of your own and colleagues' skills and expertise, and sharing of your knowledge and networks.
  • That all personnel comply with SINTEF's values and codes of conduct.

Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

Health, safety and the environment are given first priority at SINTEF. The safety of our employees always comes ahead of other considerations.

  • We shall maintain a sound and health-promoting working environment.
  • We shall achieve zero work-related absence.
  • We shall achieve zero levels of accident, injury, damage and loss.
  • We have a clear environmental profile.

We make every effort to avoid accidents and work-related illness and injury. Our employees shall experience development and recognition through interaction and teamwork. Everyone shall be treated with respect and dignity.

Sound operations

Operational efficiency creates value for SINTEF and our customers. It provides us with financial security, strategic flexibility and is a requirement in order to deliver on our social mission.

SINTEF uses its financial profits to invest in our expertise, laboratories and other research-related infrastructure.

All SINTEF personnel are expected to contribute to operational efficiency. Managers have a special responsibility.
We achieve operational efficiency by means of:

  • A robust project portfolio.
  • Effective communication with our customers and colleagues.
  • Effective project implementation and sound financial management.
  • Balanced contracts using value-based pricing strategies.
  • Effective HSE-related activities.
  • High levels of technical quality and integrity.

SINTEF aims to achieve profitable growth with a long-term minimum operating margin of 5 per cent.