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DynamITe competence project

DynamITe competence project

Published 08 February 2016

New optimisation models and solution algorithms are needed to develop systems and services for intermodal personal itinerary planning and vehicle routing that handle dynamics effectively and efficiently.

Current optimisation based route finders for road travel and journey planners for public transportation have become indispensable tools for modern enterprises and citizens. They contribute to more efficient and predictable travel and better use of transportation infrastructure. However, they neither react to dynamic changes in traffic in an adequate way, nor consider all relevant ways of travel from door to door. An increasing number of organizations in industry and the public sectors implement and utilize optimization based software tools for vehicle routing, optimising the operation of a fleet of vehicles to serve customers, with substantial improvements. Vehicle routing tools of today have no capabilities for handling dynamic changes in traffic, virtually no functions for reactive plan maintenance, and they are primarily used by large organizations.

In the DynamITe competence project (2015-2019), our main goal is to develop the methods and knowledge needed as the basis for a novel transportation planning technology that is able to utilize real-time information immediately. Our long-term vision is a user-friendly ITS technology for planning, available to virtually anyone, that is based on a "live", up-to-date representation of the current situation, and with updated prognoses.

The expected competence from DynamITe is a necessary basis for needed innovations in dynamic transportation planning technology that will enable novel transportation services, lead to more efficient use of transportation infrastructure, encourage increased use of public transportation, and induce lower transportation costs for enterprises and the public.

The project owner is SINTEF, with two decades of experience in developing methods and basic software for transportation optimization. Partners are the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Distribution Innovation AS, ITS Norway, and NTNU that also hosts the DynamITe PhD. We also collaborate with our large scientific network through exchange and scientific workshops.

For more information, we refer to the DynamITe Project web pages.

Chief Scientist
+47 930 58 703

Project duration

01/06/2015 - 31/05/2019