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Published 05 June 2015

The first project meeting in 2015 at Statoil's PRS base at Killingøy.

In the hyperbaric welding chamber welding down to dephts of 3000 meters can be simulated. This is quite unique in the world.
The project group in front of the hyperbaric welding chamber

27.-28. May the ROP project meeting was hosted by Statoil at the Pipeline Repair System (PRS) base at Killing√ły outside Haugesund.

It is truly impressive to see the huge dimensions of the sophisticated equipment that is operating at the sea bottom during pipeline repair and an eye opener with respect to the innovation and high technology level that these tools represent.

In the hyperbaric welding chamber (in the group picture) welding down to dephts of 4000 meters can be simulated! This is unique on world basis.

 Watch the amazing video of subsea pipeline repair:

Xiaobo in the pipeline!
Jan Olav is explaining how the repair welding tools are working
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