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Published September 29, 2013

The purpose of preDrill is to evaluate planned well operations with regard to ECD, temperature, pore pressure and wellbore stability as well as Torque & Drag. SINTEF Petroleum Research offer service from a team of world leading experts in these areas.

In preDrill we utilize SINTEF Petroleum Research's advanced simulation software for:

  • Pore pressure prediction
  • Well stability prediction
  • Dynamic well pressure and temperature prediction
  • Dynamic torque and drag prediction

The simulation software relies on the following input:

  • Formation data
  • Planned well geometry
  • Casing, drill string, BHA and drill bit data
  • Mud data
  • Drilling parameters (e.g. ROP, Pump Pressure, etc.)
  • Drilling procedures

Deliverables will be an extensive analysis and recommendations based on simulation results. This will increase safety and reduce risk and cost during drilling.

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