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Published August 29, 2011

Facts: Applied Mechanics and Corrosion

Better material utilization through improved ECA analysis
Corrosion protection in sea water and marine environments
Fracture Control – Offshore Pipelines
Evolution of Residual Stresses in Welding
Hyrdogen Embrittlement of Offshore Pipelines
Hydrogen Pick-up and Diffusion in TIG Welding
Impact on aluminium panels
Linkpipe - A new tool for failure assessment og pipelines
Structural impact on offshore structures
SmartPipe - tomorrow's solution for integrated pipeline monitoring
Smoothpipe - Surface Technology for Multiphase Pipelines
Tribocorrosion: A threat to materials
Use of materials under demanding conditions
Welding Metallurgy of Low Alloy Steel


Facts: Biotechnology  (page up)

Department of  Biotechnology 2004
Crude oil emulsifying bacteria
Food Technology
Screening facilities at SINTEF  


Facts: Energy Conversion and Materials (page up)

High-temperature membranes in power generation with CO2 capture
Nano- and microsized capsules and particles from emulsions
Waste water oxidation using a catalytic contactor


Facts: Marine Environmental Technology (page up)

Chemical and Toxical Characterisation of Water Accomodated Fraction (WAF) of Crude Oils   
DeepBlow,  Simulation model for deep water blowouts  
MARMIL Marint Miljø (Marine Environment) - spill response for the future
New Technology for Mechanical Oil Recovery in Ice (MORICE)
Oil Weathering Studies
Oscar for Oil Spill Contingency Planning  
Simulated Seabed System for the Environmental
Facts Marine Environmental Technology (in Norwgian)


Facts: Metallurgy (page up)

Characterisation of silicon for solar cells
Silicon Production Research at SINTEF and NTNU
Silicon wafer sawing technology


Facts: Process Chemistry (page up)

Catalyst Technology  
Carbon Dioxide Solutions   
Hydrogen production and storage
Metalorganic and Material Synthesis
Micro and mesoporous materials
Seaparation and purification
Parallel Technology


Facts: Process technology (page up)

Advanced Multiphase Pipe Flow Research
Computational Fluid Dynamics  
Multi-Test Assembly for Natural Gas Inhibitors
Post-combustion CO2 capture
Pressure build-up due to dissocating natural gas hydrates in pipelines
Reactor Technology  
The REACT project - Petromaks - Identifying Environmentally Friendly Chemicals for Gas Absorption


Facts: Synthesis and Properties (page up)

Characterization of solid and powders  
Nano- and microsized capsules and particles from emulsions
“Skin Model” for textile testing


Facts: Glassblower workshop