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Materials Physics - Trondheim

In close collaboration with our Materials Physics - Oslo colleagues, we make use of advanced experimental facilities (TEM/SEM, Electron/optical spectroscopy, Lithography/thin film deposition), modeling frameworks, and fundamental material competence. This combined approach allows for determination of structure, chemistry, and materials response information, ranging through the atomic to micrometer scales.

Our competence is applied in important markets such as Industrial processes/Light metals, Sustainable energy, and Oil&Gas, and is an essential part of the nanotechnologies toolbox. We collaborate extensively with industry, with NTNU, with other SINTEF departments, as well as with research groups in Europe.

Our competence – atomic scale and up

  • Electron microscopy to determine structure and chemistry
  • Electron spectroscopy to determine chemistry at surfaces and interfaces
  • X-ray diffraction to determine structure
  • Atom-/multiscale modeling, nucleation/precipitation/segregation/adsorption
  • Optical characterization to probe electronic properties, chemistry, and visual appearance
  • Thin film and nanomaterial synthesis, devices and models
  • Corrosion/Electrochemistry

Application areas:

  • Light metal alloys, thermomechanical processing, and surface treatments
  • Corrosion properties
  • Materials and devices for production/storage of renewable energy
  • Photovoltaics, including building integration, and laser/LED technology
  • Catalysts
  • Tribology and coatings
  • New, functional, and safe (nano)materials

 Contact: Ragnar Fagerberg