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Materials Processing and Modelling
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Published June 7, 2013

The main focus of the Materials Processing & Modelling department is research and development related to manufacturing processes (melt, casting, forming and welding processes, and structural analysis) to meet ever increasing quality and sustainability demands. Our work is performed in close collaboration with industry and external R&D partners.

Our competences:

  • Aluminium DC casting & extrusion, SINTEFTransport phenomena (multi-phase).
  • Casting, extrusion, forming and welding:
    • Industrial process competence
    • Modelling competence
    • Model applications integrated in industrial R&D
  • Material mechanics/structural analysis
  • Surface quality and surface generation
  • Solidification and welding physics:
    • Metallography and characterization
    • Microstructure and defects formation
  • Solar cells:
    • Physics of solar cells
    • Solar cell materials

Contact: Mohammed Mhamdi