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CO2 Capture Process Technology

CO2 Capture Process Technology

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The CO2 Capture Process Technology research group is a chemical engineering group focusing on gas separation technology with acid gas absorption processes as core competence. Our research takes chemistry from the laboratory to industrial scale.

Our expertise

The activities cover many different topics related to the CO2 capture process, spanning from process design, modeling and simulations, development of chemical and physical solvents, emission reduction technologies and gas emission monitoring.

Our current main markets are research within post combustion CO2 capture and natural gas sweetening. The interaction between collection of experimental data from lab- and pilot facilities with process modeling and simulation is key element in most of our activities.

Our competence:

  • Development of novel solvents and concepts for CO2 capture
    • Characterization of physical and chemical properties of solvents
    • Gas-liquid equilibrium measurements
    • Reaction kinetics
    • Mass transport properties
    • Corrosivity
    • Solvent degradation chemistry
    • Design and building of experimental lab/pilot scale test facilities
  • Process modeling, simulation, optimization and evaluation •Thermodynamic models for multiphase systems
    • Multicomponent transport models
    • Dynamic modeling
    • Feasibility studies
    • Benchmarking methodology
    • CAPEX and OPEX calculations
    • Liquid phase computational chemistry
    • In-house software framework; CO2SIM
  • Pilot plant test campaigns
    • Several different in-house pilot plants
    • Online process monitoring of gas and liquids
    • Absorber gas emission measurements
    • Emission reducing technologies
    • Development of new and improved process design