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Digital Inclusion

We specialize in tool, methodologies and technologies that promote inclusion of and collaboration among the stakeholders in ICT implementation and digitalization processes. We have a long and broad experience in developing and evaluating welfare technology, ICT-based welfare services and electronic health information systems and services. We are also developing technology for crisis handling, museums and information systems to protect cultural heritage, and for the oil industry.

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Innovation in the Health Sector

We stimulate the development of new, improved Norwegian health products – based on requirements in the health sector. A large proportion of our activities is concerned with stimulating ideas. We organise meetings at which user groups, suppliers, research and development groups and the public sector support apparatus get together to exchange and implement good ideas. We are responsible for the activities of the InnoMed innovation programme in mid-Norway, and we also run supplier development and networking programmes for health-sector companies.

Research Manager
930 08 878
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In SmartWear teams SINTEF researchers within ICT, materials science, physiology and product work across the boundaries between their respective disciplines to develop products with new functionalities and features. Smart Wear is intelligent textiles and clothing with built-in technology.

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Welfare Technology

Welfare technology is a strategic initiative in SINTEF. Welfare technology includes technological assistance delivered through technology used by and supporting the user in different interaction within the municipality or between relatives. Welfare technology is spesificly aimed at elderly people, people with chronic diseases or people with activity limitations.

Vice President Research
930 08 498
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