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Food and Feed Microbiology and Biochemistry

Food and feed products may undergo both wanted and unwanted microbial, biochemical and chemical processes and changes during production and storage, e.g. lactic acid fermentation of milk products, microbial and enzymatic ripening of cheese, meat and fish products, and microbial, enzymatic and chemical deterioration of food products during storage. Different strategies may be used to control, promote or prevent these processes. Biotechnological processes may also be used to produce food and feed ingredients, e.g. polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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High throughput screening

SINTEF has advanced facilities for high throughput screening and is working with lab automation and high throughput screening in a range of projects. The robotic screening facility at SINTEF has state of the art equipment for efficient automation of assays and cultivation in microplate format. Several thousands of samples and cultures are processed per day on a regular basis in the screening facility.

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