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Power system expansion planning

Power system expansion planning

SINTEF has developed a version of the EMPS model that includes expansion planning. The model calculate the profitability for different technologies, the size of investments, and where in Norway, Nordic area or Europe the investment should be carried out.

New investments or retirement can be studied for: thermal power generation, wind-power, other intermittent renewable generation, and transmission lines. The program can be made available for all who needs to plan or analyze power system development.

We work within these areas:

  • Future power system
  • Optimization, and market simulation

Typical projects:

  • Further development of model / software
  • Future scenarios for power system development and operation

Why choose SINTEF?
The EMPS model is a model for the Nordic and European power systems. It is often utilized in project dealing with future scenarios, and is well suited for considering expansion planning based on profitability. The EMPS model is used by many different stakeholders, such as Statkraft, Statnett (TSO), and NVE (Regulator). The expansion planning functionality has been applied in several research projects in Norway, and Nordic area.

Who are our customers?

  • NVE
  • Vattenfall
  • Energi Nett DK
  • Fingrid
  • The Research Council of Norway
  • Nordic Energy Research

Read more:
Transmission expansion planning in Northern Europe in 2030-Methodology and analyses
Energy Policy, Vol 61, 125 – 139, Jaehnert, S., Wolfgang, O., Farahmand, H., Völler, S., Huertas-Hernando, D. (2013)

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